• Child Sense: Surviving the nightly bath

    Child Sense: Surviving the nightly bath Taste and smell babies find even the simplest transitions difficult so it’s important to keep the experience calm and serene. Be calm and use the bath time as a bonding experience, with lots of facial and vocal time. You will find that these babies … Read more on Sun […]

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    Baby Alive Baby’s New Teeth Bath Routine!

    Talia gets a bath and then gets her hair curled.

  • Mom has funniest response ever to week of snow days

    Mom has funniest response ever to week of snow days As freezing temperatures and snowy weather sweep the country this week, many parents may feel like they're living in the movie "Frozen" — or at least hearing the songs from the Disney film way too often. Odessa Waters, a Raleigh, North Carolina mom … Read […]

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    Pet Strollers For Cats

    Pet Strollers For Cats If you own a cat, you may think that your time together is restricted to your home but if you buy pet strollers for cats, you can take it out. Many cats do not like being on a leash and will fight to go home but in a cat stroller, they […]

  • Baby Bump Alert!☺| Maternity Fashion by Everly Grey

    Everly Grey is providing Taren Guy fans/followers with an exclusive checkout code. Enter the code “TarenGuy” at checkout when visiting http://EverlyGrey.com … Video Rating: 4 / 5 Thanks so much for watching my video! Please show your support by liking this video and subscribing Pink Blush is also launching Women’s clothing (not jus… Video Rating: […]

  • Dry Coffee Challenge By Girls – Kids Making Pizza – Baby Bath Time Fun – Surprise Prank

    Girls do the dry ground coffee challenge. They use decaffeinated instant coffee granules for the challenge. How about tasting a tablespoon of dry coffee with…

  • How to Use Cloth Diapers : How to Choose a Cloth Diaper

    Choosing cloth diapers for babies includes considering budget and lifestyle. Learn how to choose a cloth diaper in this free video. Expert: Erin Sheppard Con… Introducing Cloth Diapers Made Easy! Find out more on our website: http://babyvilleboutique.com/ And join the conversation over on our Facebook page: http://… Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • Must Have Pregnancy Items

    This is a video showing you my favorite pregnancy items that I have used A LOT during my pregnancy! I am 35 weeks pregnant with only about 5 more weeks or so… Video Rating: 4 / 5


Choosing Eye Shadow To Compliment Your Eye Colour

by evil angela Choosing Eye Shadow To Compliment Your Eye Colour The fashion magazines bring us the latest and greatest looks in fashionable makeup. Funny, but when you try it on at home, it just doesn’t look right. There are some basic factors in choosing the type of eye makeup you wear. While you can […]

Nail polish remover, candle ignited Castle Point apartment

Nail polish remover, candle ignited Castle Point apartment The fire is believed to have started when an open container of nail polish remover was set too close to a candle and ignited the fumes. The Clay Fire Territory recommends the use of flameless candles whenever possible and always keeping well away from … Read more on […]

Top 10 Fall Lipstick w/ ShadesofKassie!

ShadesofKassie: http://www.youtube.com/user/ShadesOfKassie Everything You Need to Know! HOW I GOT MY RED HAIR: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geAsdY2Ozlc -SI…